W. (Wim) Manuhutu, MA

PhD research: Shared cultural heritage in a post-colonial world

Wim ManuhutuFrom 1987 to 2008 Wim Manuhutu was director of the Museum Maluku in Utrecht. He organized exhibits in the fields of history, culture and current events and developed the museum as one of the few ethnic museums in the Netherlands into a knowledge center in the field of heritage and diversity. From 2000 to 2004 Manuhutu was chairman of the workgroup migration history within the project Cultureel Erfgoed Minderheden (CEM). From 2004 to 2008 he was chairman of the section ‘cultures’ of the Dutch Museum Association. In 2009 he began his PhD research at the VU University in Amsterdam. In his research he looks at the way the Netherlands and countries that maintained (semi) colonial relations with the Netherlands shape the concept of shared cultural heritage. The research concentrates on Indonesia, Suriname and the Netherlands.

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Susan Legêne

E-mail: w.manuhutu@vu.nl