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Amsterdam Slavery Heritage guide

Never before have so many places in Amsterdam that have direct connections to slavery been collected in one guide. The 138 page guide tells the story of Amsterdam’s slavery history in over one hundred locations based on new and existing research. When it comes to the topic of the Dutch involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, there often is a focus on the trade in which the West India Company (WIC) was involved. However, during the period between the 17th – 19th century, known as the 'Dutch Golden Age', there was also slavery and slave trade in ‘the East’, where the East India Company (VOC) was active in South and Southeast Asia (and in parts of East Africa). Although the VOC and WIC had different characters and different modes of operation in the colonies, often the same families and companies were involved. By comparing the histories of these two companies, these insights come together in this new guide. It is also part of the 'Mapping Slavery Project', that includes Haarlem and Utrecht.

How to use this guide

Using the guide you will travel back and forth through time, from the 17th century to the present. The stories describe what happened in each place in the past. Each page has a numbered location, which corresponds to the map. The approximately 150-word text is both in Dutch and English with one or more images that highlights the story or show the present location. The trail is separated in four different themes (trade and profit, blacks in the city, resistance and abolitionism, museums and archives) which combined give an overall view of this complex history that is so clearly connected with this city. The themes will show that the locations are directly and sometimes indirectly connected to the slave trade and slavery history.

Book Details

138 pages with 115 numbered locations, divided into 4 themes
Full color images, illustrations, and maps
Bilingual: Dutch/English
Price: 12.50
ISBN: 978 94 6022 368 6
Publisher: LM Publishing, Arnhem
Authors: Dienke Hondius, Nancy Jouwe, Dineke Stam, Jennifer Tosch, and Annemarie De Wildt
Release Date: June 27, 2014