Slave owners in Amsterdam 1863

An educational map with the addresses of slave owners who lived in Amsterdam

After the abolition of slavery in 1863 Dutch slave owners and shareholders of plantations that used slave labor received financial compensation. Most owners lived in Paramaribo or the Antilles, but some lived in the Netherlands. In this research project a map is developed that shows the addresses of the slave owners who lived in Amsterdam in this period (1853-1863). Each address has a link to information in the National Archives. The house numbering is the most recent (1875).

The map is based on research at the National Archive and the Amsterdam City Archive by history students of VU University led by dr. D.G. Hondius: Omar Abdallaoui, Marie-Hélène Geeris, Kayleigh Goudsmit, Daan Hartog, Bas Heil, Bertus Juurlink, Karin Kamphuis, Evelien Moors, Benjamin Panten, Xander Schreuder, Ton Stam, Chris Veldhuis en Cathérine Verhoeven. With cooperation of Okke ten Hove and Erik Schmitz.

The map is combined with a historical map of 1867 from the map collection of the VU University Library (UBVU). This map with descriptions can be viewed in the VU Library’s Image Base. In addition, data from the Dutch key register of addresses and buildings (BAG) from VU Geoplaza is used. This database contains the current borders and building years of all the properties in the Netherlands.

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