M. (Marja) M.C. van Heese, MA

Marja van Heese, MAMarja van Heese is an art historian (Leiden University) and has been working a.o. as a senior cultural policy advisor at the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and at present as senior inspector in the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate in The Hague. Within the Inspectorate, Marja coordinates matters regarding European and international legislation on cultural goods and is represented in several (inter)national working groups. A point of special interest is the protection and illicit trafficking of cultural goods on which subject she has written several articles. Since 2011 she is freelance writer on cultural goods for Sdu uitgevers in The Hague. Marja is affiliated to the VU University Amsterdam as a PhD-researcher.

PhD Research: Protection of cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict situations

Many countries suffer the loss of their cultural heritage through theft, illegal excavation or unlawful export, often during the phases of a conflict (war, civil war, or other uproar for instance related to land disputes) or immediately after a disaster. This loss may have a strong impact on both the history of society and state and on the historical and cultural awareness of its peoples. Various measures to recognize and protect cultural heritage on a local, national and international level have been taken, in the course of time, by many organisations. Safety, infrastructure, health care and social economic development are usually prioritized, cultural projects form a minor or even a neglected part in the supporting activities or reconstruction in a country. The subject will be approached via diverse legal angles, experiences and best practices as well as via different hotbeds in the world.

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Susan LegĂȘne

E-mail: vanheese@hotmail.com; vanheese@erfgoedinspectie.nl