A database with information on all ships that since 1813 have sailed under the Dutch flag

The Marhisdata database

You can find information about all seagoing merchant vessels that sailed under the Dutch flag from 1813 onward in the Marhisdata database. Ships with their home port in the (former) overseas territories are also included. Besides general information regarding our foundation, the menu will lead you to the search-options on our website.

Much data of the approx. 12.500 to 15.000 ships is not yet known and/or stored in the database. Because of ongoing research, weekly additions take place. You can find information about the recent state of affairs by clicking on Publications (sub-menu News). Unfortunately it is possible that specific information you are looking for is not yet available in the database. In that case you can ask for our assistance (menu Contact).

The Marhisdata team

At present, the Marhisdata team consists of 21 collaborators, who are engaged in research and data-entry, as well as in permanent checking of the data entered. It is obvious that it will take many years of hard work to complete this unique database of the Dutch merchant marine. Consequently we welcome the assistance of those who might be interested to participate in research, data-entry or data-management.

At this moment the website is only available in Dutch, but an English version is expected in the near future.