A. (Ad) Aarts, MA

Currently Ad Aarts is employed as a legal advisor. He finished his Master’s degree in International Affairs at the Carleton University in Ottawa (Canada) in 1980, his Master’s in Law in 1981 at the University of Utrecht and his Master’s in History in 2007 at the University of Amsterdam. The thesis for his Master’s degree in History concerned the situation of the Coromandel trading posts of the VOC in Southern India in the last decades of the eighteenth century.

PhD research: The relations between the Cape Colony and the Indian Ocean region in the 18th century

His PhD research concerns the relations between the Cape Colony and the Indian Ocean region in the eighteenth century, in particular patterns of trade and forced migration. In the framework of this research, I am looking not only at the well-known role of the Cape as a refreshment station for passing ships to and from Asia, but also at the (still under-researched) exports from the Cape to the Indian Ocean region. Migration flow of slaves and exiles from the Indian Ocean region to the Cape Colony are examined as well. Sources for this project can be found both in Cape Town archives and in the VOC-archives in The Hague. I hope to demonstrate that the Cape Colony in the eighteenth century – next to its continued function as a refreshment station – increasingly assumed an important function in the Indian Ocean VOC trade network.

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Karel Davids and dr. Frans Huijzendveld

E-mail: a.a.aarts@planet.nl